About company

Directions of activity of the RTC VZLYOT

Scientific researches and development on the basis of new high technology of the concepts of a design of the ecologically clean kinds of a high-speed transport and their power sources with a large economic efficiency.

The main objects of researches the RTC VZLYOT are:
  • Vertical take-off and landing aircrafts (VTOL) with electrical power plants (the Electrolyots) and the vortical lift-propellent systems (the Vihrelyots);
  • Re-usable Aerospace Transport Modules making vertical take-off and landing with a hull in a level position and restored energy to the propulsion system at a controlled descent;
  • High-Speed Ground Transport (HSGT) with the aerodynamic suspension for urban and long-distance transportation;
  • Electromobiles and other personal transport means with non-chemical power sources;
  • Ecologically clean and highly economical electrical power plants for all kinds of high-speed transport means and ground electrical stations;
  • The household products based on high technology.