The “Magic carpet” Lift-Propellent System of the “Allocated” airscrew in the first approximation can be realized in a remotely manned flight module (Gyroglider) for the BOOMERANG Compact Mobile Air System (Fig. 6). The group of BOOMERANG modules is placed in the container on the modified automobile chassis. The container acts as a mobile launch vehicle and control center for Girogliders in flight, supplies its power, inspects their automatic take-off and landing, serves a place for storage and transportation (Fig. 7).

Fig.6. BOOMERANG Compact Mobile Air System.


Fig.7. The concept of the BOOMERANG Compact Mobil Air System: 1-movable container; 2-flight module; 3-additional fuel tank or electric generator; 4-remote control system; 5-units of remote control; 6-landing directing; 7- the working place of a driver-operator; 8-computer; 9-extensible leaf; 10-hatch on a roof; 11, 12, 13-laser take-off and landing system.


Such design solution provides to a system mobility and efficiency of application on the large areas and inside city. The presence of a Hyperflywheel essentially transforms a flight module in a Flying Gyroscope. Together with systems of vertical landing and independent cruise flight over district, the group of:

  • Flying Policeman Robot for a patrol of urban streets, court yard, detention of criminals from an air, control of highways, forced stop of automobiles;
  • Agricultural activities with effective it is small- and ultrasmall spraing by ecological clean essences;
  • Visual examination and automatic air photography of large territories;
  • Evaluation of an ecological condition of atmosphere in city, taking of tests of an air or ground on infected district;
  • Patrol of lines of electrotransfers, oil and gas pipelines, support of tourist groups or geological routes;
  • Determination of exact coordinates of the ships, undergoing a disaster or people, rendering by him of the first help;
  • Protection of woods from fires, observation over migration of fishes and wild animals, protection of ocean coasts against sharks etc.

The capabilities of the BOOMERANG System are not exhausted by adduced examples. Not concerning military application, where the given system can become an ideal means of operating investigation, there is yet the number of areas, its application in which can result in cardinal changes in existing process engineerings of maintenance.Main is that the flight module supplied with considered above the Vortical Lift-Propellent Systems, Hyperflywheel or Steam-Gas Turbine can serve a base model for development power plants and lift devices of various vertical take-off. aircrafts (see is lower) can be also applied for considered belowthe perspective Ecomobiles and High-Speed Ground Transport.